Managing The Cost of Air Conditioning

As temperatures begin to rise in the Fraser Valley, you’ll want to be sure your air
conditioning is operating at maximum efficiency. Beyond maintaining the
basic operation of your A/C unit, there are several ways to reduce the
load on your system, and ensure your home air temperature is optimal.
For example, opening window awnings or closing heavy drapery can
help keep the heat out. This will make a significant difference in the
temperature inside your home and will reduce the burden on your A/C.
Also, a dehumidifier will lower moisture levels making the air inside your
home feel more comfortable, while a ceiling fan will increase circulation,
making rooms more bearable at higher temperatures.
To further reduce costs, consider localizing your central cooling so you
can isolate and close doors to rooms that are not in frequent use. Also,
reducing your use of heat generating major appliances such as your
oven, cook top, dishwasher, laundry machines and non-LED lighting will
cut down on the ambient heat in your home.